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  • What We Do

    Heart Centered Art workshops bridge meditation, spirituality and fun.

    Heart Centered Art

    1on1, Workshops & Retreats

    Tamara Liz will guide your creative process to help you find your inner guidance and establish a connection to your Higher Self. Some of the benefits include:


    1. Experience the joy of creation as you engage in the creative process.

    2. Tap into your intuition with heart-centered art and expand your understanding of this process.

    3. Learn to decipher the wisdom within.

    4. Gain tools to use for self-healing, reduce stress levels, increase self-awareness and self-love.

  • About Tamara Liz

    Tamara Liz Rivera Hyde


    Tamara Liz is a Puerto Rican artist and art therapist based in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. She has a masters in Art Therapy from GCSU, a Fine Arts BA from EAP and AA in Communications from UPRH. She's the founder of Espíritu Creativo a NM non-profit dedicated to enrich lives through creative community services. Outreach, education and Heart Centered Art classes, workshops and retreats that promote holistic wellness.


  • Online Heart Centered Art Workshop
    Online Heart Centered Art Workshop
    Two hour online workshop with Tamara Liz for up to 10 persons. Email admin@espiritucreativo.org to coordinate your preferred date and time. *Art materials not included*
    Coming soon
    1on1 Heart Centered Art
    1on1 Heart Centered Art
    120.00 - 444.00
    One hour session(s) via online platform of your choosing. Basic art materials (drawing pad and pencils) are needed for sessions. You will receive tailored art materials at no extra charge after your first session, when you select the 4 sessions package. After purchase send an email to admin@espiritucreativo.org to schedule your preferred time.
    Coming soon
  • E-Motions

    Emotions are energy in motion. We may change how we feel from one second to the next, without realizing their beautiful dance. Explore what they have to say through art!

    A safe space for self-expression

  • On Site Workshops and Retreats to Resume in 2021

    Due to the pandemic, our rental space in ABQ has closed and we are not able to offer onsite workshops, however, we have moved to an online version of the workshops. They're private guided art sessions that you can schedule with your friends. Just get together a group of friends and divide the cost!

    We are looking forward to provide a retreat for 2021. Stay tuned so you can grab your spot early on!

  • Donations

    Your donations help us implement new programs and services. Thank you!