• What is Spiritual Direction?

  • It's a process

    An estimated 90% of people visit a therapist for about 1.5 sessions. That means the majority of people go once and never return. Perhaps the client and therapist are not a match, or the client's expectations are not met. There is no magic fix for anything in life, everything is a process, therefore one session may not satisfy your needs. Then what should you expect?


     I hold a healing space for you, actively listen and reflect with you. We establish a therapeutic relationship, a partnership infused with acceptance, compassion and love. This elicits joy, positivity and ultimately brings forth change. Change can look like a shift in your perspective, an improved behavior or learning something that you integrate into your life.

  • Expressive Arts to Guide You Within...


    Many people begin sessions without knowing what to expect, with no clear goals or vision and that's ok! That's why you are here, to figure things out. There is a process that takes place in order to satisfy your needs, which is often guided by self-discovery. Sometimes this can be achieved through making art, because the creative process can connect you to the divine, your inner wisdom.


    The many benefits of making art have been proven over and over. It can increase joy and happiness and it may trigger a meditative, self-reflecting state that leads to new insights. There is no need for artistic talent, the value is in the process. We can then use the artwork to lead a discussion into your heart.


    For online sessions you may be asked to have some art materials handy, or Tamara Liz will mail out tailored art materials some prior to sessions.


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