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    Servicing the Border Community

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    The arts can heal, uplift and unite us.

    Community impact

    Our creative community services are ever changing and growing with your needs.


    We provide (bilingual) educational workshops, seminars, classes, resources and videos in a variety of themes that range from spirituality, creativity, mental health, homeschooling and more. 


  • Healing Arts

    The healing arts are creative practices that promote healing, wellness, coping and personal change.

    We guide your creative process so you can self-express, self-discover, and ultimately self-actualize. Engage in a healing journey that will allow you to flourish and find a practice of your own.


    1. Self-express and experience the joy of creation.

    2. Receive guidance that will allow you to flow.

    3. Learn to decipher the wisdom within and discover your inner messages.

    4. Gain tools to use for self-healing, reduce stress levels, increase self-awareness and self-love.

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    Your donations and private services help us implement new programs, provide low cost services and educational outreach . Thank you!

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  • Speaking

    Spiritual Arts Advisor. Homeschooling. Healing Arts. Mental Health.

  • Dr. Tamara Liz Rivera Hyde




    Honorary Dr. of metaphysics, spiritual counselor, artist & masters in art therapy. Her art inspires hope, joy and healing. Tamara Liz explores metaphysics, the psyche and the pursuit of a better world.


    Born and raised in the Island of Puerto Rico, Tamara graduated from Escuela de Artes Plasticas with a BA in Fine Arts and UPR Humacao with AA in Communications. Tamara achieved recognition in the local art scene, exhibited and sold paintings in prominent art galleries and showed her video art in many concerts.


    Her experiences with her own mental health led her to understand from the inside out the healing power of art. This is why she continued her studies in Georgia at GCSU, graduating with a masters degree in Art Therapy.


    She later moved to New Mexico to continue her art therapy practice and ascension journey. This is where she took courses in curanderia, ayurveda and reiki. In 2021 Tamara passed the 5th and 6th initiation and is integrating with her Higher Self. She moved to El Paso, Texas where she currently resides. She has her gallery/studio in the growing art district of Socorro TX, where she sometimes offers healing arts workshops and actively participates in the art scene.


    About Art



    My artworks speak of my essence, frequency and level of consciousness. They're documenting my inner journey of self-discovery and growth. Strokes guided by intuition, much like automatic painting, as fragments of me are transferred to the canvas. Inspiring others to engage in their own inner journey of self-discovery through the arts.


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    December 19, 2020
    Last year I was very hopeful, I just knew 2020 would be awesome. Was 2020 what I was hoping for? Nope! Not at all. Yet it has been exactly what we needed to begin making big changes. This is why my hopes are now open, accepting and inviting 2021 with whatever lessons it might bring. I'm open for...
    November 20, 2020
    The Art Bus When I started this non-profit the urge to be of help was evident. I saw how children in the Island of Puerto Rico were struggling with their mental health, and so were their parents. I knew I could start something that would help them. Shortly after they began to have earthquake...
    October 29th, 2020 at 11am MST I'm so exited to (finally) show up online! Thankfully the masters gave me a little push on a Brazilian Light Energization healing session I had with Lori Huskey Diebold. AND believe me, I been waiting for far too long. Since I had the Business Light Expansion...
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  • Heart Based Arts

  • Thank you for your donation!

    Your donation is greatly appreciated. It's thanks to you that we continue operations.


  • Heart Based Arts encourages you to use whatever art materials at hand to self-express. You can learn different techniques to soothe your thinking brain, let your guard down and just flow.

  • How It Works

    Summary of the class process



    We meet all class participants, complete a relaxation exercise and receive creative guidance.


    Creative Engagement

    We all engage in our mindful creative exercise. Once done we write a one paragraph story and list the colors, lines and shapes in our artwork. 



    Participants can share their thoughts and emotions about their artwork and overall experience. 

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    Art materials needed: paper and pencil Optional: colored pencils, pastels, multimedia pad, watercolors and anything else you love to play with!

  • Outside The Mind!

    Heart Based Arts teaches you the intuitive process of flow in creative endeavors.

    Intuition 101

    Do you follow your intuition?

    Can you recognize your gut feelings, your intuition? We are often fact-checking, rationalizing and over-thinking. Little time is left to tune in to our emotions, to the automatic, impulse driven actions of our spirit; Unless your showering or driving, which has been determined as some the most creative moments in our lives by researchers.

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