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  • Inner Monster

    There are many monsters creeping in on us. Anxiety, anger, fear - you name it. Sometimes it's easier to separate that negative aspect, in order to process actions and consequences. This is specially useful with children, because we don't want to shame them when they throw a tantrum. Regulating emotions is actually really hard, they haven't learned coping skills or appropriate ways to manage their stress and frustrations.

    Think about it, did anyone taught you how to regulate emotions as a child? Unless you were in therapy, is highly unlikely. Many adults still haven't learned healthy coping skills. Which is why many end up abusing substances or engaging in unhealthy behaviors, such as smoking or over-eating.

    What to do?

    Ask the child to draw their inner monster. You can adapt this to identify the specific emotion they are struggling with. Like draw your anxiety monster or your angry monster.

    • Draw your Inner Monster
    • Name your monster
    • Identify the emotions you feel when your monster comes out to play
    • Tell me where you feel that emotion
    This is not a one time and done intervention. You have to continuously help them identify when the monster shows up. Say things like "Maddy Frust (name of monster), please let me talk to my child, I want to tell him/her that I love him/her". Explain to them that is OK to feel that way, let them talk about it. For example a kid may say "I hate reading, it's so hard" Let them know that you understand, tell them "reading is really, really hard and it makes my head hurt". That will let them know that you get what they are going through, you empathize with their situation. Encourage them by saying things like "together we can figure out a way to do this", "what do you think can help you read". Then brainstorm ideas together, something that they enjoy. Put on a kids movie with subtitles and pause it, let them read it. Think outside the box, practice their sight words by writing them on sand etc.
    It is a lot work, this is a child therapist work. During the pandemic quarantine, this can help you connect to your child and teach them healthy coping skills.

    Example Drawing

  • Tame The Inner Monster

    Follow this steps or practice any of them to achieve a calmer state.

  • Inner Monster Activity

    Use this template or any paper and ask these questions.

    Hug Your Monster

    We all have shadows, we must foster acceptance of all our parts in order to heal them.

    Feed me!

    This is a fun way for children to learn about triggers. What makes me anxious or angry, what makes it worse? Identifying these can help to release those emotions and help them feel empowered.

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