In October people celebrate Halloween, Samhain, All Saints Eve/Day, Día de los Muertos, Hispanic Heritage Month, Holy Rosary Month, Sukkot, Golden Week, Down Syndrome Awareness Month, Mental Illness Awareness Week, Lung Day etc. There are long lists of worldwide celebrations, but only a few of those incur in cultural traditions/rituals.

Traditions are stories, beliefs, rituals and customs that are usually passed from one generation to the next. Although I was raised Catholic, to my mind always comes the song “Tradition”, from “Fiddler on the Roof”. For sure we are grateful to be over and done with some traditions, however, did you know how important traditions are to our mental well-being? Routines and rituals improve family relationships and health. Being a part of the special things, our family does, helps us to have that sense of belonging which is integral to our well-being.

My mom used to buy Azucenas (lilies) every week, that was her personal tradition-that she learned from her grandma. Yet most of our traditions and routines came from her religious lifestyle…

I feel like over the years many families have diluted their faiths; they find many contradictions and drift from their religious rituals. In turn, people abandon that intrinsic connection we all need with Spirit. We also lose traditions and rituals that foster better relationships in our families and enhance our well-being. It’s like somehow with the access to information, we have created a Spiritual crisis that trickles down to everything else. Because in truth, we all need something to believe in, and as we grasp new conflicting realities, people have developed disconnection. Not only to themselves and Spirit but to those close around them.

Don’t fret, you can save all your family relationships and more by starting your own traditions! Some people even go back to what feels safe and familiar, even though it doesn’t fully align with their beliefs. In my case, I researched many religions and sacred texts. I even encountered tales of a Virgin/ Ascended Master that lived (in the flesh) for 9 years in Puerto Rico. Her story is thoroughly documented, from all her miracles to a DNA test from fresh blood that was stored for over 100 years. Yes, FRESH and with the smell of roses. Amazing, I know! I discovered evidence that points to YHWH having a wife (Ugarit tablets and research) and a Vatican researcher/translator that claims YHWH was an extraterrestrial. I read about the lost years of Jesus in India and discovered deeper meanings from the Gospel of Mary Magdalene that correlate to Gnostic’s beliefs and even to the Ascension movement. I read my fair share of Mandy Hall too. I don’t advise you to follow what I did, but I do urge you to establish routines, family traditions and self-care rituals that work for you and your family. See how I brought last week into this one? LOL 🙂

TRADITION!!! If I were a rich man… wait, wrong song! I digress, traditions make us, but they do not
break us (unless your dad is Tevye). Find what fits you! Make traditions that
are as unique as you. From going to the movies with blankets, to decorating
cookies for the holidays. Add a meditation routine for you and your whole
family. Start a creative journal, make a daily mandala or if you’re my husband,
watch The Lost Boys every year in July. If you can’t bear to add one more thing
to your agenda, think of what you’re doing already and make it special. Perhaps
it’s feeding the fish with your children or cooking with your boyfriend every
weekend. Maybe it’s a daily call to your mom or blasting feel good music on
your way to work. Whatever you decide on, make it work for you, make it a

Guess what we will draw this week? Your favorite tradition, of course! Have fun!

Much Love, T

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