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The Art Bus

The goal for 2021

The Art Bus

When I started this non-profit the urge to be of help was evident. I saw how children in the Island of Puerto Rico were struggling with their mental health, and so were their parents. I knew I could start something that would help them.

Shortly after they began to have earthquake after earthquake, their wellbeing was really in peril, yet everything in 2020 came with that note. Before we could secure funding, we already were losing. Our rental space couldn't open due to Covid, but we still had to pay the rent. All the art materials purchased slowly began to be used within our new normal, homeschooling, and without knowing we began to adapt. We were doing lives inside groups, offering online classes (that took longer than anticipated) and sharing educational resources with the public in both English and Spanish.

Lately some of the initials ideas came flooding once again, it would be the perfect response to a difficult situation. Outdoor art gatherings with the art bus. While it may not begin in PR, our communities in New Mexico need it as well. For we are all living unprecedented circumstances and it has never been more important to engage in self-care.

Which is why we hope you will consider us to make your year end tax deduction before midnight on December 31. This will help you if you're itemizing deductions in your tax return and it will also support the mission of Espíritu Creativo. So that we may continue to innovate and bring creative community services to you.

Every little bit helps, one dollar is more than none and it still brings us closer to the goal. You can also support us with your online shopping through amazon smile. There are many ways that we could work together and thus raise the frequency of those among us.

Victory of the light!

Tamara Liz Rivera Hyde

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