“Love others as yourself”- we heard that before! Self-love is not new, we are familiar with the concept, but do we really, REALLY practice it? Probably not. How do I know? Well, because I’m very familiar with our inner critic. We all have one of those pesky little voices. The ones that whisper that you’re not enough, that you can’t do it right or that you’re failing. It’s no easy task to deal with that, but like everything, with a little practice you can make your inner critic love you.

I want to touch base on something I mentioned last week, that self-love requires self-acceptance. That is a true statement, however, it does not mean self-defeat. Self-acceptance is about self-compassion, not pity, is about understanding that you have chosen these challenges and are here to learn these lessons. What we call destiny might be prior agreements or soul contracts. We have chosen our path, and one way or another, we will achieve our goals…

Talking about goals, I’ve heard it all before in the art studio and during therapy… “I can’t” “I’m not good” Not only from my clients but my inner voice as well. For example, if I’m worried about how my art is going to look, the crappier it turns out (my inner voice uses a more colorful language, our inner critic is ruthless!). I had to learn to flow without judgment and shush my inner critic. In turn I learned that process can help you connect with SPIRIT, Higher-Self or the “real you”. I share that process to help my artists get into the groove because in art therapy, it’s all about the creative process. You see, we are meant to self-express; we can pour out our inner world with a brush! The creative process can be fun, even enlightening, as we connect deep within ourselves and gain new insights. The product’s aesthetic is the least important when it tells a story, when the art is a window to your soul. Anyways, to flow in art as well as in life, you really need to work with your inner voice.

Recognizing when your inner voice is on negative mode is the first step to modify it. If you are very self-aware, this can be an easy step. From there is constant practice to change from negative self-talk to empowering self-love talk. You have to be your biggest fan, validation needs to come from within. This will lead you to growth. I should mention that self-love is not to be confused with service to self. I’m not suggesting you to be selfish, not at all. I want you to share your gifts with the world, but to do that successfully you need confidence, self-believe and most certainly, self-love. It’s time we over throw that old, self-defeating system (inner-critic!), and let radical self-love be in charge.

For this week’s creative exercise imagine what the frequency of love looks like, don’t be afraid to go abstract and don’t forget to send it in. You can upload the art to the post as a comment or send us an email! 😊

Vibrate to the frequency of love my friends!


Tamara Liz

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