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Raise Your Vibration

Let’s begin by acknowledging that
everyone has gone through trauma. Yes, you too. Many people don’t recognize
they have survived trauma, even when they verbalize having been emotionally or
physically abused. They are so resilient and used to survival mode, that they
can’t see they gone through trauma. People expect trauma to be so catastrophic,
that they fail to acknowledge their own suffering and pain as traumatic. To be clear,
our first traumatic event is being born, separated and disconnected from mom. Through
life we over come many traumas, but some get buried in our bodies or energy
fields, because after all, our emotions are energy. Etymologically, emotion
literally means energy in motion. Which is why, if we don’t feel and release
the emotions, they get trapped, causing sickness to our physical bodies.

Why do you think it’s said that
stress kills people? People get used to always being stressed out, in survival
mode, and they may go through much of their life without balance. People start
to wonder why they have a rash or an upset stomach but keep on going without
taking care of themselves. Some may even visit the doctor and get something to alleviate
the symptoms; but most doctors do not heal the root cause. Therefore, people continue
living under stress, not engaging in healthy habits. Pop a pill here or get drunk
to forget the stress or problems. Eventually, and unknowingly, stress leads to
heart failures, mental illness, cancer etc. All preventable with therapy…

Therapy is not only for people with mental health diagnosis (which you may develop due to stress). Therapy is for everyone. We all need to process negative emotions, trauma or the stress we are constantly under. There are so many different types of therapists, so many modalities that can help you. Some therapies help you manage your symptoms or undesired behaviors; others go to the root of the trauma or unmanaged emotion in order to help you heal thoroughly.

When you release trauma, you
release trapped negative emotions. Emotions are energy that are constantly
vibrating at different frequencies. Negative emotions vibrate at low frequencies
that are very harmful to your health. For example, have you heard how
microwaves are bad for you/ your food? It’s because the waves, the frequency of
the microwave, is super low. When you microwave your vegetables, you destroy
their high vibration. Whereas if you boil them, you expand the reach of their
vibration because water amplifies vibrations (time to eat more soups?). Remember,
“everything is frequency”-Albert Einstein.

So, back to therapy. Therapy helps you process and release emotions that keep you vibrating low, once you move through them you step up your vibration. Plus, you get many other benefits like increased self-awareness, which is crucial to process your emotions and increase your consciousness (on your own!). Consciousness has everything to do with your frequency and vibrations. It’s important to understand that through the day, you will shift in your consciousness levels/vibration levels (because you will experience different emotions). Therapy can give you the tools to transform those negative emotions into positive, enlightening emotions. Just make sure that your therapist is vibrating higher than you are!

For this week’s art activity, why don’t you paint the emotion you struggle with the most. It might just help you transfer/release it!

Vibrate to the frequency of love
my friends! Hugs T

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