On a scale of 1 to 10, how easy is it to meditate for you? If you find it super easy, I’m proud of you and I hope you do it daily. However, if you struggle with it (even a bit), keep reading. Some of us who are neurodiverse may find it challenging too. If you never tried meditating, let’s figure out how you would do. When you are doing your devotions (praying) in private, are you able to finish? Or do you get distracted and end up thinking about other things? If it’s the latter, then I have just the thing…

For some of us meditation is super hard because we have overactive minds, or we have the inner critic criticizing our intentions (remember last week’s post?). We have this idea that we must have an empty mind to meditate. That’s not true at all! Meditation is a mental activity that can involve thinking (even sorting out ideas), concentration (if you can’t do it mentally, maybe using your body to repeat a movement), devotion, and contemplation. I feel that when we combine a physical activity with meditation, we reach higher spiritual realms…

There are many ways to meditate, it can be done while sitting or lying down and it can also be done while doing an activity. From dancing and making art, to walking or doing yoga, the possibilities are endless… Yes, you can meditate in the shower or when you’re cooking. Any time is a good time. Meditation doesn’t have to be hours long either, 5 minutes would do.

My preferred method of meditation includes painting. It helps those that can focus while engaged in a physical activity. Moving your body (or hand in the case of painting) helps you concentrate in the task at hand; while meditating about life or whatever you want to meditate on. It’s believed that meditation will not only aid in self-discovery but help you reach enlightenment. More so, the health benefits of meditation have been proven over and over. To the point where it is known that it can positively change your DNA. Yeah, if enlightenment doesn’t entice you to meditate, maybe science will!

“You can even create a meditation altar”…

Do yourself a favor and start meditating. If the inner critic is your issue, confront it and challenge the belief. Tell yourself that you believe in the power of meditation. Don’t be afraid to ssshhhh!! those negative thoughts -or the naysayers. Incorporating a meditation practice can be a nice self-care ritual. You can even create a meditation altar, add candles, crystals and things that inspire you. If that sounds too woo-woo, remember that you are a Divine Being and it’s time you treat yourself as such, with love and care.

I feel like this week’s art activity should be a Zen painting.
Think “less is more” and use minimum color and strokes to communicate an idea. Can’t
wait to see what you share!

Much love,

Tamara Liz, LMHC Art Therapist

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