A new year always comes with a lot of hype, but this one seems to have a cherry on top. For starters we have the beginning of a new decade and by December we will have astrological awesomeness. Anyways, I don’t understand much about astrology but it sounds pretty cool! What’s cooler than cool is that we are truly shifting.

We as a society are becoming more spiritual (at least in the good ol’ USA). Problems are not disappearing but we are better capable of approaching and solving them.

No More Empty Resolutions

I believe we are continuously growing and becoming better human beings. Yas! I believe in you! And as another year goes by, I have to share that I no longer do empty resolutions. Losing weight, going to the gym, eating healthy – whatever! I mean, these are good things, don’t get me wrong, but for me they stem from a place of not feeling good enough. So forget it! If it’s not aligned with my sweet loving heart, I ain’t gonna spend time on it. I won’t set myself for failure.

Failed Resolutions = Fear

Most resolutions fail for one reason- FEAR. Haven’t we talked about fear before? Maybe, but in the coming months I’ll hit on anger because I see many people struggle with it. I digress.

Failed resolutions= Fear. Fear comes in many ways, but usually we do resolutions on things we want to change about ourselves because we fear we are not looking good enough, doing good enough yada-yada. We start with the premise that we are flawed in some way. Which is ridiculous!

YOU ARE A DIVINE BEING! You are made from stars, you are the creator’s dream, his work of art! YOU ARE PERFECT. Now that we have that clear, we can move on to bigger aspirations…

When You Create, You are In the Divine Flow

I’m going to do you a favor right here, super simple. Your PURPOSE in life is to CREATE. When you create, you are in the divine flow, that’s the best way to feel close to our creator/source (whomever you might believe he/she/them is). That’s it. That’s your purpose.

You want to go back to your divinity. To that awe feeling, people induce those emotions with drugs and you can do it through the creative process. Easy peasy! Create, share and become enlightened. That’s a shortcut to enlightenment. Of course you have to have heart based thoughts and actions, but when you’re in the flow, you’re in a space of joy and love which facilitates enlightenment. Can you tell what my goal is for 2020? I’m so looking at you, Ascension (you metaphysical woo-woo awesomeness).

If your new year’s resolution is to lose weight, make more money or become enlightened- aim to do it creatively. Set your intentions or goals from a heart based space, from self-love. If you feel it, you won’t fail!

Blessings and love my friends!

Tamara Liz

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