Last year I was very hopeful, I just knew 2020 would be awesome. Was 2020 what I was hoping for? Nope! Not at all. Yet it has been exactly what we needed to begin making big changes. This is why my hopes are now open, accepting and inviting 2021 with whatever lessons it might bring. I'm open for all possibilities, 5D included. Knowing that we are the beings, that we are our own saviors and that with every choice we take we co-create the world, I can only say It's time. It's time to choose joy, change the inner critic to the inner cheerleader (joy) and raise the vibration of this world. Bring heaven to earth.

As we awaken our powers, we have to not only believe but keep choosing the light. With love in our hearts, every move, every word counts to make this place better and that's how we make it real. When we live it, we embody it. Funny, just looking at the etymology of embody, embodied is to incarnate in bodily form which is exactly what our HS does through us. Perhaps the old us dies as we welcome HS. We just have to reach the point of perfection (unconditional love) to allow HS to manifest through us. To achieve that we need to change our inner dialogue to the positive, I'm not talking toxic positivity, sometimes is just acceptance and love to shift into the right direction. Begin to choose love, compassion and forgiveness as the authority and miracles will follow.

As we navigate these concepts, we truly bring heaven on earth...Big change leads to big changes and that's 2021 for us. Make the best of it!

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