• What is Ascension?

    To Cease The Cycle of Reincarnation and Unite with Higher Self

  • Ascension is to Raise Your Frequency, Your Consciousness

    We are Conduits...

    We are energy and we can certainly conduct it. What do you think our emotions are? Emotions (from the Latin emotere) literally means energy in motion. When we don't process and release our emotions in a healthy way (we get stressed!), that energy gets stuck, causing illnesses. An array of problems could be prevented if we only engaged in self-care/ self-love.

    How Do We Ascend?

    Self-Discovery. Self-Reflection. Self-Improvement.

    It's a process! To begin to raise your consciousness you must have heart based thoughts and actions. Start filtering your thoughts, changing from the inner critic to positive self-talk. Your thoughts inform your emotions and vice versa, which is why is imperative to look at the virtue... to come at life from a place of unconditional love. A place of acceptance, of yourself and others.


    In traditional terms we increase our light and decrease our karma. This happens in the chakras, as you increase your light you pass initiations until your Higher Self comes into your body, you become one.


    There are many techniques one can implement to increase our light. Meditation, practicing forgiveness and devotion to your inner God/Goddess.

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