• What is an Ascended Master?

    "An Ascended Master is a Being, who through their own endeavors and hard work have paid all their karma,

    left the cycle of rebirth and attained Mastery over themselves"- Verna Maruata

    Show me the proof...

    Apocalypse means revelation, the hidden comes to be known...

    Telling people about ancient sacred texts or the traditions of old don't often suffice to prove there's a higher reality. In my journey I had to discover these truths seemingly alone because I didn't have a human to guide me, but I was always led by Spirit, my guides, my team of ascended masters, angels and archangels.


    Months before I could integrate this new truth about ascended masters I had to be prepared, the seed was planted. The universe brought a special discovery into my life, that resonated in so many levels... I discovered the story of Elenita de Jesus, a virgin apparition like no other.


    It was 1809 when she appeared in the Island of Puerto Rico, just after hurricane San Ciriaco. As Spain left and the United States took over, protestants religions came to the Island to convert people, this is when she came to our Catholic believers and lived with them for a period of 9 years.


    The accounts of her miracles are thoroughly documented in books that a researcher and priest made. The instances and the fights of the church, and masonic members trying to stop her are also well documented. Most impressively is that she left her blood as proof, and 100 years later her blood is still fresh and smells like roses.


    Yes, these is the proof that made me a believer... Her blood was examined by a DNA test, and the results show that her DNA is ancient, there is no record of that genealogy combination. The woman was not Puerto Rican nor was her blood a kin of any contemporary race at that time.

    Read more about the test and Elenita's story here :

    To read in Spanish please visit Nuestra Madre. If you would like to read more in English please visit the translation of the story by CasoRosendi. 

    More Than Blood

    The story quickly resonated because my friends, there are no coincidences... The universe led me to this information when I was prepared for it. If I would have known about this before, I would have dismissed it. It touched me during a time where I needed her light, when the familiarity and synchronicity would make her story mine. She was not only known as Elenita but as the Virgin of Mount Carmel. Whose celebration is on the day I was born. I had read about apparitions, ascended masters etc. I never married these ideas until Elenita. I've been through the dark night of the soul and trough tons of research/training about religions, metaphysics and psychology. I have found my way, and I can guide you to find yours.

    I'm here to facilitate your journey- because I've been there.

    I've been searching for the truth, for the light for something bigger than myself. As Divine as the Bible/Torah etc. is, the inconsistency was clear. Judgment and love don't mix.

    This was a confabulation for mass control in my opinion. A conditional love...


    We Become Ascended Masters

    If you wonder what is next, we become ascended masters. I'm on my 4th initiation, by the 5th my Higher Self will be in body (I'll update you when we join!). It doesn't mean I suddenly get magic powers, I'll just vibrate at a higher consciousness level as I continue to integrate to my Higher Self. There are more initiations, and at some point after our Higher Self passes their initiations He/She does get to manifest powers. That may happen while still integrated with us in our bodies, or after the body dies and Higher Self unites with the Father.

    How Exactly do we Ascend and Become Ascended Masters

    It's a process!

    In essence is a 4 way process. You need to think, feel, speak and act positive. Easier said than done, for sure. There is no one way to achieve it, it may look different for each of us. Yet we will all get to that point, where we exist in a place of joy. I've worked my way up there, mostly through creativity and a diverse bag of tools. Now I'm here to facilitate this for you, to guide, inspire and evoke this change in you.


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